Frequently asked



I like to get a free quote. How do I do that?

Simple! Either to send an email requesting for a quote: (add email address here), or you click on the link and complete an order form.

What is the size of your team?

We have a staff pool of 100+ in-house dedicated coders, markup developers, QA specialists, client managers and administration staff.

How long have you been in the business?

Actively running since 2018 and we continue to grow a presence in Nigeria.

Do you work over weekends?

Depending on selective cases with tight deadlines, and with the focus on delivering quality work, yes we do work over weekends.

What is the best way to contact you?

Oh that’s easy, just two ways:

1. Via this email: [email protected]
2. Via our client’s area.
Just for you, we developed it to make the communication process extremely convenient.

How long before I can see the completed project?

When you place an order you will see the approximate timeframe. Each project is different, depending on its level of complexity. Please note, we start working only after the client’s approval of delivery date and price.

Do you offer after sale support?

Yes. We are at your disposal whenever you need our assistance even after project completion.

Do you offer revisions after the work is done?

Yes, we offer unlimited revisions. Other than that, bug fixes and minor tweaks are always free. Any addition and substantial changes will be quoted separately.

Do you also do website layout design?

We will gladly help you if the designers are available. Please be sure to let us know before the start of the project.

Do you offer expedited delivery?

Yes, for rush orders we usually charge up to 80% of the price in addition to agreed price.

Where are you based?

We are based in the capital Lagos, Nigeria. Our business address is 251 Gbagada Expressway, Pedro, Lagos.


I see that you have client portfolios page. Are you going to publish my project on that page too?

No, we will never publish anything without your prior permission. We have a strict privacy policy.

Will you claim any rights for the final work?

No, we do not have claims because it is a paid service provided by us to your organization.

We have an NDA policy. Will you cooperate to sign an NDA with us?

There is absolutely no problem. We understand your concern and the need to sign the document to protect your interest.


What are the payment methods?

Currently, we accept PayPal and major credit cards like Visa and Mastercard.

What currency do you use?

We charge our client using Naira.

When is the time I pay you?

We will require 70% of the payment upfront before start working. The other half is due after project completion.

Do you offer a discount?

Our base discount is 50% for each secondary page of the same website. For large scale projects, we also provide different discounts and great delivery time adjustments.

Previously, you have coded my homepage in the past. What is the price for an interior page if I like it to be coded?

Both inner and outer pages will be priced according to the current price even months after we coded the home page.

HTML coding

Can you specify all the design files I can send to you?

We prefer layered PSD files but we also accept almost any other formats too like Sketch, AI, Adobe XD, TIFF, INDD, PNG, EPS, CDR, and JPG.

Can you use flatten design file JPG for the conversion?

Since we convert them to layered Photoshop file, we consider an additional charge for this service.

What browsers do you support?

This is the list of supported browsers & devices:
– Internet Explorer 11+
– Microsoft Edge
– Firefox 61 and above
– Google Chrome 68 and above
– Opera 54 and above
– Safari 11+
– Safari iPhone (11+)
– Safari iPad (11+)
– If you need IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10 or any other browser/device compatibility, please add a note to your order.

Can I have the screenshots from the supported browsers?

Yes. Please add this as a comment when ordering.

Can I have the PSD with slices after the project is completed?

Yes. Please add this as a comment when ordering.

Can you add rollovers/hovers?

Yes. It is one of our standard practices.

Do you do commented markup?

Yes. It is one of our standard practices.

I am thinking to implement the layouts using CSS frameworks such as Bootstrap or Foundation. Can you do that for me?

Yes. Please add this as a comment when ordering and we do not charge extra. But for frameworks that are not popular, there may be additional charge.

How much do you charge to use SSI (Server Side Includes)?

No charge is added but please add this as a comment when ordering.

I have a certain font I like to use like font-face or Google fonts, how much do you charge for using a custom font?

We do include custom fonts if necessary with no extra charge. For the licensed font, please include the files together with design files.

What are the JavaScript libraries you are using?

We use libraries such as VueJS, jQuery, and React and other popular JavaScript library or framework.

I like Facebook pages to be coded, can you do that for me?

Yes, we quote them as a regular HTML page.

Can you code custom JavaScript?

We do and an additional charge applies.

Can you create a separate print CSS stylesheet for me?

We do and additional charge applies.

How about flash, what is your thought on that?

We do not do flash as we focus on WordPress or HTML coding.

I have an existing website, can you recode it for me?

Absolutely, you need to provide us with a local version or link of pages needing the recode.

I already have my site coded but I just need some touch-up and some fixing here and there. Can you help me with this?

Absolutely. Do contact us to see where we can help.

I have an RTL website (e.g Arabic, Persian, Urdu), can you code mine?

Yes. We will charge an additional price for this.

I have pages with flash and I love the animations. Can you convert the flash site to HTML maintaining my animations?

Yes. Please contact us for more details as additional charges may apply.

How about the “contact form” section. Can you code that as well?

Yes. Please add this as a comment when ordering. Additional charges may apply.

After a completion of the project, can you upload my files into my server?

Yes. However, for WordPress projects, we may consider an additional charge.

Do you use a version control system for maintaining your projects?

At slicemypsd, we use SVN and Git.

What sort of instructions would you need in order to proceed with the project?

We would appreciate it if you can be as specific as possible. We stay in communication throughout the project period if anything arises.

What should I do to organize my files, is there any requirement to pass the files to you?

It will be great if you prepare a separate document with all pop-ups, hover states and other stuff and a separate document for Adobe files.

WordPress development

What is included in the price for WordPress implementation?

We include the default WordPress blog functionality that comes with a standard theme:
– Single post template with the comments section
– Latest posts page
– Static pages template
– Category and tag archive pages
– Dynamic menu
– Dynamic sidebar (based on widgets section in the WordPress administration)
– Styling of the default WordPress widgets (categories list, tag cloud, etc.)

Do you create a WordPress site or a combo of WordPress and HTML/CSS?

At slicemypsd, we will deliver just the WordPress theme code. But you can request the static HTML files. We can provide an archive with the static files used for creating the WordPress theme. Do note that any changes requested to the WordPress site won’t be applied to the static version of the files.

My hands are pretty tight. Can you help with the WP installation?

Absolutely, in order to install the WP theme, please provide us with all these details:
FTP or SFTP credentials (host, username, password, target directory)
URL address of the new installation
MySQL database login credentials (hostname, username, password and database name)
We can also install WordPress using other methods (e.g. remote desktop, VPN).

Do you do WordPress customization as well?

For a custom WordPress work, we do provide it as well. Please send us a message with your requirements and we will send you a quote.

Can you explain to me what “WordPress Integration” involves?

We will deliver an archive of the complete WordPress site which includes:
– The theme files
– All plugins that for your project
– XML export file with example content from the testing installation on our staging server
– All files uploaded during the initial theme development and associated with the example content
– MySQL dump file
– Read-me file that explains how to install and use your site

Can you create a theme from an already existing markup?

Yes, but before proceeding, we will review the HTML and we will let you know about the problems with the code that should be addressed before the theme creation.

I like e-commerce to be integrated into my site. Can you do that for me?

Absolutely, just let us know what is preferred plugin and see where we can go from there.

After the project is completed, will you still provide support?

We do fix any bugs and tweak minor details for free. Meanwhile, all additions and big changes out of the scope will be quoted separately.

I like to populate the content of my site to your server and I like it to be migrated to the production server. Can you do this and will you charge extra for it?

Sure, it is not a problem. You can safely populate your site’s content on our staging server. We do not charge extra for this process as migrating your content to another server is considered as part of the site installation process.

Can you build custom e-commerce sites too?

We will be needing design mockups and all detailed requirements for the front-end and back-end functionality. We will come back with you with a quote and deadline to finish the project.

Before I proceed with working with you, can you provide me some examples of WordPress themes both front-end and back-end?

Yes, we do have demonstrations WP theme. Get in touch with us for a link to the admin panel.

I like to have featured posts slider in my theme. Can you do that for me?

Of course, but we may charge extra for integrating content management capabilities for the slider entries.

What about building custom sidebar widgets or shortcodes for my site?

Yes. Please do explain upfront before project commencement.

I like to have multiple sidebars/widgetized areas on my site. Can you do that too?

Yes. Please do explain upfront before project commencement.

How about building a WordPress plugin. Is it something you can do?

Sure. Please provide us with detailed instructions for the plugin and we’ll get back to you with a quote.

Besides WP, what other CMS do you support?

We can help with styling Drupal, Shopify, Joomla, and Magento sites.

Email coding

What are the email clients that you support?

Our standard desktop package is compatible with all of the email clients as mentioned below:
Yahoo! Mail (Firefox), Gmail (Explorer), AOL Mail (Chrome), (Chrome), AOL Mail (Explorer), AOL Mail (Firefox), Gmail (Chrome), Gmail (Firefox), Hotmail (Chrome), Hotmail (Explorer), Hotmail (Firefox), (Explorer), (Firefox), Yahoo! Mail (Chrome), Yahoo! Mail (Explorer), Lotus Notes 8, Lotus Notes 8.5, Outlook 2000, Outlook 2002/XP, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013, Thunderbird 3.0, Thunderbird 60+
Apple Mail 4, Apple Mail 5, Apple Mail 6, Outlook 2011, Apple Mail (all current iPhones), Apple Mail (iPad)
Our responsive packages include all of the above plus:
Android 2.3, Android 4.0, Windows Phone 7.5, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone X

What are your methods to test your email templates?

For testing, we will use physical devices and our go-to website is platform.

Do you provide screenshots from the tested email clients?

Yes. We will send you the link to your test.

I like to have my email template retina-friendly. Can you do that for me?

Of course. You just have to add a note to your order and provide us with 2x size design file(s).

How do you send the complete templates to clients?

We will send you the archive which will include all the source files (HTML and images) and also the link for your test.

Is it possible to embed custom fonts for my email using font-face?

We cannot perform this for you because e-mail clients do not allow loading of external files.

Do you code email templates using inline CSS?

All the CSS is inline because email clients do not allow loading of any external file.

Can you add rollovers or hovers?

Since all CSS is inline, rollovers/hovers are not possible in email templates.

I like forms and email to be added to my e-mail, can you do that?

We cannot do that for you because forms and JavaScript are not supported by most email clients.

Can you provide me a plain text version too?

Sure. Just add a note to your order.

Can you add the actual links?

Yes. Please provide them to us.

Will I be able to change the fonts, colours, etc. of my template for Mailchimp integration?

Sure. Just add a note to your order.

I like my email template to be imported to my MailChimp/Campaign Monitor account?

Of course. Please get back to us with more details.

I have some issues with email template code. Can you help me to fix it?

We will help you if we see we can help. Get in touch with us to see the issue and we will get back to you.

How do I import my email template to Campaign Monitor?

The steps below are what you need to take in order to import your template to Campaign Monitor:
1. Login to Campaign Monitor.
2. Select a “Client you’re sending” on the left.
3. Then, click on “Templates” in the top right corner.
4. Click on “Add a new template” on the right sidebar.
5. On the popup window click on “Import a custom template” – the “Import it now” button.
6. “Template Name” – type the name of your template.
7. “The HTML page” – click on the “Browse” button, go to the source files we have sent you – folder “cm” and select email.
8. “All other files in zip format (optional)” – click on the “Browse” button, go to the source files we sent you, “cm” folder and now select
9. Click on “Add template”.
10. Voila! There you have it.

How can I import my email template to MailChimp?

These are the steps to use MailChimp.
1. Log in to MailChimp.
2. Once you have logged in, click on “my templates” next to the “create campaign” which is the red button.
3. Then click on “code custom template” in the sidebar, below “Code”.
4. Click on “import zip file” at the top.
5. Followed by a click on “browse”, then select from the archive we have sent you and click on “upload”.
6. You’re almost there. Now click on “save”, type the name of the template and click on “save as”.
7. You’re done! Now you can find your template under “My Templates”.

How can I send my email template via Thunderbird?

These are the steps you have to take:
1. First of all, upload all the images to your hosting. Login to your server via FTP, go to the root folder usually “public_html”, “www” or “html”. Create a folder for your email images say “mail-images”.
2. Next, upload all the images from the archive we have sent you, folder “images” to your
3. FTP folder “mail-images”.
4. Now open email with any text editor (notepad for example) from the archive we have sent you.
5. Then, replace all image source paths, so all images point to your hosting – You can do that by finding and replacing – find “images/” and replace it with “”.
6. Now that you have changed the images, open email with your browser to make sure all the images are loaded.
7. Open Thunderbird and click on “Write”.
8. Click on the message area and then click on “Insert” – “HTML”. Copy all the HTML code from email, paste it here and click on “Insert”.
9. Now you’re ready to send your HTML email templates via Thunderbird.

How about Outlook. How do I send my email template?

The process is pretty much like Thunderbird.
1. First, you have to upload all the images to your hosting. Login to your server via FTP, go to the root folder usually “public_html”, “www” or “html”. Create a folder for your email images say “mail-images”.
2. Next, upload all the images from the archive we have sent you, folder “images” to your
3. FTP folder “mail-images”.
4. Now open email with any text editor (notepad for example) from the archive we have sent you.
5. Replace all image source paths, so all images point to your hosting – You can do that by finding and replacing – find “images/” and replace it with “”.
6. Now that you have changed the images, open email with your browser to make sure all the images are loaded.
7. Open Outlook and click on “New”.
8. Click on “Attach file”.
9. Select the HTML file – email, click on the “Insert” button drop-down menu and select “Insert as Text”.
10. Voila! Now you are ready!